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Collection Lawyers
Ontario, Canada

A law firm concentrating on corporate and commercial law offering effective and affordable solutions for business.

Superior communications and research technology provides clients superior results including statistical analysis, reporting, efficient file management and Internet access.

Our focused collections process is aggressive and designed to maximize recovery quickly. Our goal is client satisfaction.

By utilizing a collection law firm the collection middleman is eliminated and the entire collection and litigation process is seamless. Our staff includes paralegal collection specialists who locate, contact, and collect in a professional manner.

The Collections Solution system includes a demand letter, personal contact, asset location, search of existing judgments, initiation of legal action, motion for default judgment, motion for summary judgment, judgment debtor examinations, writs of executions, garnishments, seizure of assets. Time is of the essence, a sense of urgency is mandatory.

Hourly fees, contingency fees or set fees, it is your choice. Overdue accounts must be acted upon quickly to achieve results and our fee structures are designed to make prompt action affordable.

Collecting Judgments
If you have an existing judgment, whether in Ontario or outside, we can help. A judgment obtained outside of Ontario may be enforced in Ontario. We can locate judgment debtors, locate their assets, examine the debtor under oath, lien property and garnish funds.

Purchased Debt
We can assist you in the sale of performing, semi-performing and non-performing debt. Restructuring debt can improve financials. We also help investors who can achieve above average returns by purchasing debt portfolios

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